Sander is my name,
design is my game

My name is Sander and I am a Technical & General game designer with a love for learning.

I am a designer who thinks about the ramifications of a design decision and I am practical and technically orientated. At the same time I value thinking outside of the box and consider teamwork and clear communication one of the most important elements in game development.

I prefer to work clear and precise, clearly commenting my coding and scripting work, writing concise documents in plain English as well as keeping to, or creating, clear naming conventions and folder structures.

I want to have fun in my work, while at the same time work seriously and produce results. I hope to continue growing and learning for as long as I live, as life without personal growth is a life not lived to the fullest.

Less official get to know me
I love problem solving and simplifying processes
If something can be done automatically with less chances of errors, then that’s approach I take.

I am a sucker for naming conventions, clear commenting code, folder structures and concise documents
The less time a developer needs to think about things they shouldn’t worry about the better. (e.g.: What does this code do or where can I find this file or what does this mechanic do) I see no reason why not to apply design methods to both the game itself for the player as well for developing games.

I love nature, biology and evolution
I have been fascinated by nature for as long as I can remember and followed two previous educations in plant and flower cultivation.

I like to help and communicate
I volunteered at various events, was a student representative for 3 years at the NHTV and also followed an education in Retail Manager (Though for the latter, the work wasn’t partially challenging so I moved on)

I really love learning, growing and challenging myself
I’ve followed a total of 5 higher educations (from plant and flower cultivation, to martial arts to retail manager to Game development), work on personal projects to improve and challenge myself and watching shows like SciShow and ExtraCredits is part of my daily routine in order to soak up some more knowledge.

I am a bit of a weird person as well as a constant stream of energy and ideas
It took a long time before I finally found a place I could call home but the game industry sure is it.

I am dyslectic and have ADHD, which made me a better Game Developer
While challenging at times, both made me stronger and more adaptable. ADHD helps me with seeing the ramifications of decision, thinking outside of the box and helps me both design and problem solve and my dyslexia helps me write concise and in plain English technical design documents that are easy to read and understand as well as working clear and actively commenting all my code work.

I am a supporter of equality
I think everyone is different which is great, and should be accepted and recognize. This diffrence makes people unique and interesting and everyone should be treated with respect regardless of these differences.

I worked as a scripter, technical- and general designer
I was a full-time scripter intern at Larian studios, working on Divinity Original Sin 2, I scripted and designed quests (both gameplay and narrative). On various other projects I generally took the role of Technical/General Designer and am very versatile.

Naturally I also love playing games
I have played games all my life for the narrative and immersion as well as the multiplayer aspect. Games helped me through tough times and made me the person I am today.

And finally I live to create games
As a developer I always take the entire product into account: How would a design decision impact: Other mechanics, art or programming. I am keen to take the most viable route that balances what is best for the player and what is achievable for the team. I like to prototype, am both skilled in Unreal blueprints as well as Unity C#, have a tendency to create simple tools to make designing the game more smoothly and overall I am a very flexible designer and like pretty much all aspects of design, jumping in where I am needed.


Game Architecture
and Design

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences
Cum laude
2013 – 2017

Retail Manager
ID College Leiden – MBO 4
2010 – 2013

Uchi Deshi
Three months full-time
Martial Arts.

Plant and Flower Cultivation
Wellantcollege Rijnsburg – MBO 2
2007 – 2009


Student Representative
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences
2013 – 2017

Open Day Representative
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences
2013 – 2016

mADE Gay-Straight Alliance
2014 – 2017

Indie Pendant Games Gathering
2015 – 2016

Control Conference
October 2015

Software Experience

Unreal Engine 4
Divinity Engine
Pivotal Tracker
Visual Studio
Lucid Chart


Technical Design
Gameplay design
Tool Design
Visual scripting
Level design
UX design
UI design
General design
Concept design
Team management
Osiris (Divinity Scripting)


Desire to learning
Problem Solver

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